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Two Pilgrims from Friul to Rome, a.D. 1300

In 1300, Autumn, two laymen who were going from Friul to Rome on the first jubilee, dictated their testaments.

Notes on female Observance in Ferrara between 15th and 16th century

The essay briefly reviews the main changes introduced in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in Ferrara to bring the regular Observance in the monasteries of nuns. It identifies two peculiarities in the situation of Ferrara: the direct intervention of the Este court in the patronage of monasteries and reform initiatives; the presence of stranger nuns. It focuses finally on a draft reform of the Augustinian nuns testified by the presence of a rule in the vernacular composed in 1511 by Maestro Antonio da Crema, Vicar of the Observant Congregation of Lombardy.

The Synagogues of Mantua in the 17th century and the Report of the Canon Ottavio Morbioli

Based on the report composed for the Duke of Mantua in 1633 by Ottaviano Morbioli, the vicar of the bishop of Mantua, this study reconstructs the history of the sinagogues in Mantua from the 16th c. to the first half of the 20th century. The lyrics of Annibale Gallico are taken into account for the description of the old ghetto, its demolition and the demolition of its sinagogues at the beginning of the 20th century.

Cloister or Throne? Setting the Scene for Stradella’s Oratorio Sant’Editta

Edith of Wilton, a tenth-century saint, daughter of King Edgar of England, who preferred the cloister to the throne, is the subject of an oratorio written by the Roman prince and poet Lelio Orsini, and set to music by Alessandro Stradella, probably around 1672-73. In the background we find the story of Maria Beatrice d’Este, daughter of Alfonso IV Duke of Modena (later Queen Mary of Modena), who was reluctant to marry James Stuart, prince of York and later king of England, because she was determined to become a nun.

«Beati Misericordes». Giovanni Simone Mayr and philanthropic associationism

Many musical enterprises promoted by Mayr started in Bergamo habits of European musical life: a music public school, performances of classic masterworks; oratorial performances with goals of public charity. Since 1822-23 Mayr established an amateurs society for periodic concerts (sometimes with charity goals), in a room specifically made ready to host them. Finally, since 1834 Mayr promoted a yearly musical feast devoted to Holy Cecily, collecting professional and unprofessional musicians for huge performances of oratorial pieces.

A parish chronicle and a priest historian and archivist (Ferrara 1940-1946)

The chronicle of the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help of Ferrara brings unpublished informations on Ferrara clergy during the Second World War and after the war and keep handwritten notes of Don Enrico Peverada.