Unexpected lessons in business management

Data di pubblicazione: Ottobre 2016
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Unexpected Lessons in Business Management brings together a series of stories that start in the most unlikely places to then lead on to reflections upon business; a collection of tales that, it is hoped, will enable one to see things in a new light. The approach adopted aims to bring together history, literature, philosophy and business management in a way that reflects the real world, where such concerns are not rigidly separated but continually interact and influence each other. The hope is that those following these stories will be caught up within a learning process that gives free rein to their own curiosity. In short, Unexpected Lessons in Business Management is an attempt to apply the craft and fascination of story-telling to the study of business.
The book is intended for a varied public. First there is the general reader, curious to see how one can go beyond the supposed dryness of a subject such as business management and grasp it as part of a richer, perhaps surprising, body of knowledge and ideas. Then there are those who are actually studying the subject, who will clearly benefit from being able to see the phenomena of the business world from outside the confines of the usual textbook approach. Last but not least, there are those who are already working in business and who will welcome the opportunity to develop ideas and points of view that, at first sight, have little to do with their everyday world.

Instructions for Use
1. Crises and Human Imperfections
2. Explorers
3. Workshops & Bookshops
4. Our Heroes
5. Chinese Lessons
6. Innovators and Innovations
7. Merchant Adventurers
8. The Dreams of Visionaries
9. Money and Beauty
10. The Economy of Elegance
11. Globalisation!
12. There’s not much time

Nota sull’Autore
Tiziano Vescovi is Full Professor of Strategic Marketing at the Department of Business Management of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. He is also Director of the Asian Studies and Management School and Co-Director of the International Management to Asia research project (IMA-lab). His main fields of research are international marketing and international management. Since 2007 he has been Scientific Director of the Italian School of Bookshop Management in Rome. He plays the flute in a rock band and, when he can, enjoys long cycle rides.