Understanding heritage

English for cultural heritage, tourism and the visual arts




Focusing on the experiences of professionals in different sectors, Understanding Heritage aims to provide English language learners with key academic concepts including heritage, cultural tourism, archaeology, art appreciation, art history and museum studies, covering fundamental aspects of museum practice, from collections management and conservation to exhibition planning and education. The course is organized on a modular basis with over 200 activities, and is supplemented by project work tasks. Drawing from a wide range of authentic sources and professional experiences, Understanding Heritage is an essential text for students considering a career in foreign languages as well as in the fields of heritage interpretation, cultural tourism, art history and museum studies.

1. Cultural Heritage
2. Cultural Heritage Tourism
3. Archaeology
4. Interpreting Art
5. Art Through The Centuries
6. Managing Cultural Heritage: Museums
7. Planning Your Career
List of Irregular Verbs
Phrasal Verbs
Selected Bibliography
Answer Keys

The Author
Raffaella Picello is currently adjunct lecturer at the universities of Ferrara and Macerata. She has received a Doctorate in Cultural Heritage at the University of Verona defending a thesis on The reception of Futurism in Ferrara from 1911 to 1942. She has collaborated with the Civic Museums of Ancient Art and the Este Castle Museum to the organization of exhibitions on medieval and modern art.
She has also devoted special attention to the English avant-garde, female artists and to teaching aspects of the visual arts in English. Her books include Schifanoia Cantiere Aperto (1999), Il Vorticismo. Londra 1912-15. L’avanguardia inglese antagonista del Futurismo (2010), Art In View (2014), Clil Art History (2016).