State institutions and leadership in Africa

Curatore/i: Irma Taddia, Tekeste Negash
Data di pubblicazione: Febbraio 2018
Pagine: 316
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The central theme of this book is the role of education in the formation of a political class during and after the European colonial period in Africa. The volume focuses on the various actors that informed and were part of this process, such as African intellectuals and political leaders, colonial troops, European missionaries and administrators. At the same time, the collection analyses the historical processes connected to the emergence and development of a new African leadership, such as the creation of a colonial school system, the transformation of urban spaces, the development of new environmental policies and the processes of nation-building after independence. The volume is made up of twelve contributions: four on Ethiopia, two on Eritrea, two on the Sudan, one on Somaliland, two on Tanzania and one on Ghana.

Introduction (Irma Taddia, Tekeste Negash)
State Bureaucrats, Intellectuals and the Government: an Approach to the Horn Ruling Class (Irma Taddia)
The Struggle Between the Church and the State in the Production of Elite in Ethiopia 1941-1974 (Tekeste Negash)
The Swedish Evangelical Mission and the Formation of Reformist Elite in Ethiopia c. 1868-1935 (Lars Folke Berge)
Intellectuals of the 20th Century Sudan: Abdel Rahman Ali Taha (1901-1969) between Education, Politics and Community Service (Fadwa Taha)
Reengineering Education in Eritrea and Grassroots Initiatives (1941-1947): Crucible of Transformative Leadership? (Federica Guazzini)
Black’ Sudanese with “a Veneer of College Education”: Nationalism, Elite Formation, and Racial Policies, 1900-1925 (Elena Vezzadini)
The East African Campaign (1914-1918): the Impact of Economic Constraints and Labour Mobilization on Anti-Colonial Protests (Karin Pallaver)
The Role of Education Policies in the Decolonization of British Somaliland 1950-1960 (Daria Zizzola)
Soldiers as Urbanisers. Ascaris and the Shaping of Urban Culture in Colonial Eritrea (Uoldelul Chelati Dirar)
The Politics of Cooperation in Higher Education: the “China Model” and the Case of Tanzania (Andrea Francioni)
Human Responsibility, Global Knowledge and Local Perspectives. Desertification and Environmental Protection in Northern Ghana (Gaetano Mangiameli)
Preliminary Study on Nutrition Policies and the Role of Education in Ethiopia (Valentina Preveri)