Social systems and enterprise analysis

Data di pubblicazione: 2011
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«This is a valuable work with contributions in the field of Management and Business Administration. The book focuses on the area of agent based methods for social sciences and in particular on enterprise economics, simulation and analysis. I am deeply convinced that it can be a remarkable text appealing to both academics and researchers. My sincere congratulations to Dr Marco Remondino for putting together this praiseworthy book, which I would strongly recommend without any hesitation.» Professor Demetris Vrontis, PhD Dean, School of Business, University of Nicosia – President, EuroMed Research Business Institute – Editor, EuroMed Journal of Business.



1 Different Kinds of Agents
2 Simulation for the Social Sciences
3 Three Simulation Paradigms
4 Computer Simulation: a Third Symbol System
5 Agent-Based Process Simulation
6 Complex Social System
7 DataBase and Knowledge Management Simulation
8 Enterprise Simulation
9 Software Agents Applied to Game Theory
10 Minority Game with Communication
11 BDI Agents and Applications
12 Reputation Management


Note sull’Autore:
Marco Remondino, PhD, is contract professor of “Enterprise Information Systems” at SAA – School of Management (University of Turin) and of “Corporate Finance” at the Faculty of Economics (University of Turin). He got a Master Degree in Economics, summa cum Laude, and holds a PhD on the topic of Simulation applied to the Social Sciences and Enterprise Management. He got several academic grants and fellowships, and is author of books, articles in international referred journals, book chapters and papers published in referred conference proceedings. His main research interests are: enterprise networks, diffusion of innovation, enterprise management and strategies, cognitive biases of decision makers, analysis of emerging markets. He has been speaker at several international conferences and is part of the Scientific Program Committee for congresses, events and workshops.