Philosophy, law & society




Through seven small steps, this book aims to give a glimpse of some central issues of philosophy, sociology and law. In particular, starting from some considerations about the concepts of object, symbol and gift, through the analysis of the notion of persona and the study of the social implications of neurosciences, this work aims to show how the Socratic opposition, as developed through the Centuries in legal fields, represents a logical tool and, through the rebuttal, how it holds the best arguments to ‘absorb’ uncertainty and risk. The result of this practical and pluralistic approach to rules, principles and rights generates the gift of social relationship.

1. From objects to words. The gift of sense in everyday language
2. From words to symbols. The Boethius’ definition of persona as a social and legal Cornerstone
3. Return to naturalism. The neuroscientific bases of law and society
4. A way out: the Socratic perspective in the legal field
5. The Socratic Perspective and non-Knowledge in Law
6. The only impossible Solution. The Case of the Parking Lot
7. To solve the Dilemma. From Socratic opposition to the Gift of Society and Law

The Author
Paolo Sommaggio is a professor of the Law Faculty at the University of Trento. He teaches Philosophy of Law, Methodology of Law and Sociology of Law. He coaches many forensic professional schools. He wrote about Law, Philosophy and Bioethics; “Una filosofia per la genetica” in F. Zanuso (ed.) Il filo delle parche. Opinioni comuni e valori condivisi nel dibattito biogiuridico (Milano 2009); La consulenza (gen)etica.
Nuovi miti, nuovi oracoli, libertà della persona
(Milano 2010); “La logica come giurisprudenza” in F. Zanuso – S. Fuselli (eds.) Il lascito di Atena. Funzioni strumenti ed esiti della controversia giuridica (Milano 2011); Contraddittorio giudizio mediazione (Milano 2012); “Il gene di Socrate” in F. Poggi (ed.) Diritto e bioetica. Questioni fondamentali (Roma 2013).