New Urban Stadia

The sustainable pattern to the re-generation of Sport Districts

Data di pubblicazione: Dicembre 2019
Pagine: 222
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This book provides with the most comprehensive collection of new urban stadia built or renovated in the last 30 years.
It displays the success of the new urban pattern in designing and building stadia as part of an urban context. A unique collection of plans all presented at the same scale will help understanding the key role played by new urban stadia in shaping and re-generating existing urban neighborhoods.
The book allows academics and students to have access to the largest collection available today of new urban stadia.

Foreword (Xavier Jacobelli)
New Urbanism Vs Sub-Urbanism (Lèon Krier)
The New Generation of Urban Stadia
Urban Stadia in The Us
Urban Stadia in France
Urban Stadia in UK
Urban Stadia in Spain
Urban Stadia in Italy
Atlas of Urban Stadia