Key Concepts of English Language and Linguistics

A coursebook for university students

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Data di pubblicazione: Ottobre 2018
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Key Concepts of English Language and Linguistics is specifically aimed at Italian students of Foreign Languages degree courses. The book intends to be an introductory text that covers the core topics featuring in English Studies and Linguistics and, at the same time, provides the information and concepts that will enable students to understand more detailed and advanced treatments of both disciplines, should they pursue the fields further.
Key Concepts of English Language and Linguistics includes 10 chapters, each of which explores a different aspect peculiar to the English language.
The first chapter offers a straightforward introduction to the history of the English language as well as an outline of linguistics within the framework of its main theoretical models. Then follow a series of chapters dealing with the major aspects of linguistic study, starting with English phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics. The second part of the textbook is devoted to central aspects such as language varieties, the global nature of English, English for Specific Purposes and Academic English.
At the end of each chapter the students will find a set of review questions and, with the exception of the more discursive topics, a range of activities similar to those they are likely to be faced with while taking their exams.
A useful bibliography of suggested readings is provided at the end of the book for each chapter.