Investment and financing instruments for the italian real estate sector

ISBN 9788833591148
Curatore/i: R. Fraticelli, L. Lucaroni
Data di pubblicazione: Febbraio 2019
Pagine: 610
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With this publication, Assoimmobiliare intends to address the thorniest but most important topics for the Real Estate industry, those of regulation, taxation and financing.
This book, now in its fifth edition, aims to stimulate public interest in the Italian Real Estate and to establish itself as one of the reference points for those wishing to actively operate there (be it investors, lenders, regulators, intermediaries, tenants, consultants etc.) by clarifying and providing guidance on the most important issues and trends in the industry.

Assoimmobiliare – Italian Real Estate industry association is a member of Confindustria (Confederation of Italian Industry). The Association, directed by Paolo Crisafi, represents the main players in the finance and Real Estate services markets.
The Committee for relations with international associations and institutions, chaired by Roberto Fraticelli, focusses in particular on the promotion of the Italian Real Estate through cooperation with other European associations and with the European institutions.