Investing in Italian Real Estate

Investment and financing instruments for the Italian Real Estate Industry

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Curatore/i: Roberto Fraticelli, Luca Lucaroni
Data di pubblicazione: Agosto 2023
Pagine: 712
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With this publication, Confindustria Assoimmobiliare addresses the thorniest but most important topics for the Real Estate industry, those of regulation, taxation and financing.
This volume, now in its ninth edition, represents one of the reference points for those wishing to actively operate there (be it investors, lenders, regulators, intermediaries, tenants, consultants etc.) by clarifying and providing guidance on the most important issues and trends in the industry.

Since its establishment in 1997, Confindustria Assoimmobiliare (Italy’s Real Estate Association) represents the operators of the entire Real Estate industry in Italy. Its more than 180 Members include institutional investors (asset management companies and Real Estate funds, listed and unlisted Real Estate companies, banks and insurance companies), leading Italian and international developers, public companies managing large Real Estate assets, as well as companies providing property, legal, valuation and advisory services to the Real Estate sector (