International strategic management

Data di pubblicazione: Settembre 2018
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This book discusses some aspects of management of companies operating in international markets. It is meant as a no frills guide for the courses of International (Strategic) Management. These courses are often an introduction to the issues of international management that would be studied in detail in other more focused courses of a degree programme in International Business Studies. Consequently, they give an overview of the issues and problems facing a firm that operates in markets all over the world, be they huge Multinationals or small firms operating in a niche market. This book is the result of the desire to give a logically structured and internally consistent overview/reference of the issues affecting the internationalisation processes to the students of such a course.

Part I. Internationalisation Process and Strategies
1. The International Environment and the Globalisation Process
2. The main factors of international economic integration
3. The Theoretical Assessments of the Internationalisation Process
4. Approaching International Markets

Part II. Managing in the International Environment
5. Organisation and Control in International Firms
6. Production and Logistics
7. Human Resources Management
8. Financial Management in International Operations