International agricultural policy

Data di pubblicazione: Luglio 2022
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Agricultural policy at different levels must be tailored to meet the necessities of certain agricultural area and rural society.
For choosing the required and efficient policy is necessary to study essential agricultural issues and categories, existing policies.
That is why this book covers the following broad themes: agricultural and rural development policies, food safety and security policies, the common agricultural policy, the international food trade policies, the agri-environmental policies and use of natural resources, features and functions of international organisations working in the agricultural field.
The discussion of the topics was carried out in the awareness that this volume has been conceived for educational purposes and intended for students with different backgrounds.
For this motivation, the topics were preceded by an introductory chapter providing the basic knowledge useful for understanding the described contents.

Acronym’s index
1. Agriculture general framework
2. Features and functions of International Organisations
3. Agriculture and development models
4. Food Security Policies
5. Food Safety Policies
6. Rural development policies
7. The influence of the Common Agricultural Policy
8. International trade of food products
9. Agri-environmental policies and use of natural resources