English for Psychology

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Data di pubblicazione: Luglio 2023
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English for Psychology is designed to introduce students to relevant psychological concepts, providing engaging information about influential theories in the history of the discipline and opportunities for critical evaluation and discussion.
The book aims to equip students with the knowledge and the skills that they need through clear, comprehensive coverage and activities that consolidate understanding and develop key skills to ensure progression. It is made up of eleven modules which in turn cover the range of topics that many introductory psychology courses would cover, such as functions of the brain, types of memory, the study of behaviour, learning and personality, social psychology, health psychology, forensic psychology and major research methods. Each module features reading, writing and speaking activities as well as engaging case studies designed to make the course relevant and motivating. Graded practice is devoted to develop students’ knowledge and use of key vocabulary and appropriate grammar both in the field of psychology and academic study.
English for Psychology serves as an ideal textbook for graduate and advanced undergraduate students undertaking courses on Psychology and Psychological Studies, Social Studies and Training and Education Studies.

1. Understanding the goals of psychology
2. Major theories in psychology
3. Inside the brain
4. Dreams and memory
5. Behaviour and learning
6. Personality
7. Social psychology
8. Psychological disorders
9. Health psychology
10. Forensic psychology
11. Research methods
Appendix I. Grammar focus
Appendix II. Linking devices used in academic texts
Appendix III. Model academic texts
Appendix IV. Lecture note taking
Appendix V. False friends
Appendix VI. Irregular verb list