English for Philosophy

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Data di pubblicazione: Febbraio 2023
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English for Philosophy provides a comprehensive exploration of the history of British philosophy tracing its development from medieval times to the twentieth century.
The book aims to equip students with the knowledge and the skills that they need through activities and clear, comprehensive coverage that consolidate understanding and develops key skills to ensure progression. It is made up of seven modules which in turn cover the ideas of leading British philosophers through the ages. Each module features reading, writing and speaking activities designed to make the course relevant and motivating as well as extracts from major philosophical essays.
English for Philosophy serves as an ideal textbook for graduate and advanced undergraduate students studying courses on Philosophy, as part of degrees in History and Philosophy.

1. Introduction to Philosophy
2. The Middle Ages and the existence of God
3. The Renaissance: the quest for a perfect society
4. The Scientific Revolution, philosophical rationalism and sensibility
5. The Enlightenment
6. Utilitarians and Determinists of the XVIII and XIX centuries
7. The Twentieth Century
Appendix I. Glossary of philosophical terms
Appendix II. Grammar focus
Appendix III. How to read Philosophy
Apendix IV. Lecture note taking
Appendix V. Common prefixes and suffixes
Appendix VI. Linking devices used in academic texts
Appendix VII. False friends
Appendix VIII. Irregular verb list
Answer keys