English for Medical Purposes

A complete guide for healthcare professionals




English for Medical Purposes (EMP) has become essential in recent years and fulfils the needs of medical professionals to communicate effectively within this specific domain. With English for Medical Purposes the author’s aim is to help and contribute to a solid and consistent learning, as becoming proficient in English is a non-delayable requirement while communication defines our contemporary existence and identity. The course covers the core areas of healthcare with authentic tasks and activities based on everyday scenarios, making the course relevant and motivating. This is an area of competence all healthcare professionals need to be able to practice confidently as even minor language misunderstandings in these areas of work can have serious consequences. The book has been conceived to take account of developments in medicine and the impact of new information technology, setting strong foundations on which to build a successful career.

A brief note from the Author

SECTION A – The human body. An introduction
1. Chemical composition of the body
2. Organisation of the body
3. Parts of the body

SECTION B – The organ systems
4. General overview
5. Circulatory system
6. Digestive system
7. Endocrine system
8. Integumentary system
9. Muscular system
10. Nervous system
11. Reproductive system
12. Respiratory system
13. Skeletal system
14. Urinary system

SECTION C – Infection prevention, immunisation and medical imaging
15. Infections
16. Epidemiology
17. Immunisation
18. Laboratory tests
19. Medical imaging (X-Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound)

SECTION D – Symptoms and signs
20. Diagnosis
21. Pain
22. Medical treatments

SECTION E – Health care personnel and places
23. The healthcare team
24. The hospital

SECTION F – Research and presentations
25. Structure and organisation of a scientifi c paper
26. W.H.O. – main causes of death in the world
Appendix I. Abbreviation
Appendix II. Medical vocabulary practice
Appendix III. Scientific reading comprehensions
Appendix IV. Exercises answer keys