Critical Reading and Writing in academic contexts

A resource book for students

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Data di pubblicazione: Ottobre 2023
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Critical Reading and Writing in academic contexts is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students who are studying at academic institutions. The objective of this contribution is to introduce students to the genre of academic texts, to train them to use efficient reading strategies and to provide them with skills for reading and writing effectively. The book offers independent modules that can be combined in a variety of ways to suit individual class or student needs. These include guided reading comprehensions as well as explanations and extensive practice in interpreting language signals – such as sentence structure, verb forms, discourse markers. The book contains strategies for developing a critical approach to writing, as well as explanations on how to summarise and paraphrase effectively, manage referencing and avoid plagiarism. Critical Reading and Writing in academic contexts can be used for a range of levels, with texts ranging from simplified press articles of general interest to authentic academic journal articles dealing with topical issues in education.

Chapter 1. Introduction to EAP
What is EAP?
Changing contexts
The response of EAP
Continuing challenges
What is special about academic English?
Chapter 2. The Reading Process
Reading methods
Types of academic writing
How to critically evaluate-internet based sources?
Reading Workshop
Building trust
Building trust
Conflict management
Effective collaboration
Environmental impact of online shopping
The Complexity of Animal Communication
The Invention of the Garden City
Australia and the Great War, 1914 – 1918
Chapter 3. Developing critical approaches
Reading abstracts
Fact and opinion
Assessing internet sources critically
Avoiding plagiarism
References and quotations
Paragraph Structure
Linking words and phrases in Academic writing
Chapter 4. Elements of Writing
Conflicting views
Useful expression for writing formal letters
Chapter 5. Academic vocabulary
Adjectives, nouns and verbs
Chapter 6. Focus on Grammar
Basic contrasts: Present Tenses
Aspects of the Future
Past Time
Basic uses of the passive
Unreal and subjunctives
Emphasis/Fronting and Inversion
Verb Patterns
Chapter 7. Further Reading and Writing Practice
History of the Steam Engine
A neuroscientist reveals how to think differently
Life without death by Duncan Turner
High-tech crime-fighting tools
Light Pollution
Answer keys