An italian perspective




This book is intended for those already working in criminology and those who intend taking up the profession and presents criminology as it has developed in Italy. The author also offers an original view on the discipline, defining new categories of analysis and working guidelines.

1. Professional opportunities in Italy
2. Criminology: ethics and deontology
3. Under the sign of anthropology
4. The contradictions of an eclectic discipline
5. Clinical Criminology
6. Beyond clinical criminology
7. The normative question
Glossary of terms

About the author
Gianvittorio Pisapia is associate professor of Criminology, Sociology of deviance and Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy at the University of Padova, School of Psychology and Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology (FISPPA).
His publications include: Contributo ad un’analisi socio-criminologica della devianza (1978); Numero oscuro della devianza e questione criminale (in collaboration, 1980); Immagini di devianza (in collaboration, 1981); Fondamento e oggetto della criminologia (1983); Teoria e prassi in criminologia (1992); La dimensione normativa della criminologia (1992); Il carcere della città (1993); Limes. Le criminologue en action (1997); Sulle tracce dell’investigatore. Criminologia e criminalistica a confronto (1999); Las vìctimas de delitos en Italia (1999); Criminologia. Norme e regole (in collaboration, 2003); Dizionario operativo per il criminologo (2005); L’etica della trasgressione e la narrazione nascosta (in collaboration, 2009); Manuale operativo di criminologia (1995, 2005, 2013); Le tue mani parlano, le nostre mani narrano… Una proposta (2013).