Cognitive english grammar

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Data di pubblicazione: 2012
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Cognitive English Grammar is for all elementary and intermediate level learners of English. This grammar book makes use of cognitive and concept maps to facilitate and enhance learning. Concept maps are graphical tools for organising and representing information and knowledge and they are represented in a hierarchical structure. Thanks to these maps and graphs, learners can organize lots of information into a form that is easily understood and they can visualize connections within the information. The main goal of using these maps is to identify the key concepts of the most common English grammar rules and represent them in such a way so as to be more easily understood and remembered. Cognitive English Grammar can be used as a class text or for self-study. Several sections contrast two or more different structures that are often problematic for learners. The book is divided into 27 units, each of which covers an important grammar topic. There are also appendices at the back of the book on how to give directions, the different meanings of the verb to get, confusing verbs, punctuation, differences between British and American English and irregular verbs.

1. What is grammar?
2. Parts of speech
3. Sentence structure(s)
4. Word order
5. Nouns
6. Pronouns
7. Auxiliary verbs
8. Questions
9. Adjectives
10. Adverbs
11. Comparatives or superlatives?
12. Determiners
13. Present tenses
14. Past tenses
15. Future tenses
16. Imperative
17. Conditional clauses
18. Infinitives
19. –ing form: gerund or participle?
19. Verbs + -ing form and /or infinitive?
20. Modal verbs
21. The passive voice
22. Relative clauses
23. Reported speech
24. Pepositions
25. Phrasal verbs
26. Do vs make
27. Appendices

Nota sull’Autore
Vanessa Leonardi was born in Italy and raised bilingual. She is a Researcher and Lecturer in English Language and Translation at the University of Ferrara (Italy). She holds a BA in Modern Languages, a MSc and a Ph.D in Translation Studies and a TEFL Diploma. Her recent publications include Gender and Ideology in Translation (2007), New Practising English (2010) and The Role of Pedagogical Translation in Second Language Acquisition (2010). Her research interests lie in the fields of Translation Studies and Applied Linguistics. She is currently working on several research projects both in Italy as well as abroad.