Classical Architecture

The ecological way to build an organic city today

Data di pubblicazione: Ottobre 2023
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Classical Architecture is the main character of the Western Civilization. Every year hundreds of new classical buildings are being built all over the world, dozens of new urban neighborhoods and villages all based upon the distinctive elements of Classical Architecture.
Athens, Rome, Paris, London, Washington DC have been built according to the principles of Classical Architecture and Urbanism that have been capable of adapting to different places and environments thanks to the fundamental relationship between the building and the human being.
This book is conceived as a tool to better understand how it is possible today to build or regenerate a city organically designed according to the principles of both Classical Architecture and the New Urbanism: from the Urban plot to the Urban neighborhood, from the city to the metropolis.

GABRIELE TAGLIAVENTI is professor of Technical Architecture at the University of Ferrara, Italy, director of A Vision of Europe (, winner of several architectural competitions in Bruxelles, Warsaw, London, Berlin, Paris, has written various books on Architecture and Urbanism such as: A Vision of Europe /1992, Garden City /1994, Urban Renaissance /1996, Manuale di Architettura Urbana /2007, Eco-Compact Cities /2009, New Urban Stadia /2019, La Città Sana /2021. He is a main figure of the movement for the Urban Renaissance and the New Urbanism in Europe.

ALESSANDRO BUCCI is professor of Urban and Architectural Renewal at the University of Ferrara. Author of many scientific works (New Urban Stadia, The Guide of Eco-Efficient Cities; Regional Architecture in The Mediterranean Area; The Ecological Alternatives to Sub-urbanization-Cities, Commerce, Architecture; The End of Mall Era), and key-note speaker at several international conferences; he is Secretary of AVOE. President of the Board of the Professional Association of Ferrara with responsibilities for smart and sustainable planning for Cities and Regions sector.

Donatella Diolaiti is architect and professor of Building Design at the University of Ferrara, author of numerous publications on the theory of Urban Design, the practice of Urban Transect, the Urban Code, the Urban Infill, the Transit Oriented Development, the Mixed Use generated by the concept of Smart Growth. This activity is carried out with the Green Design Lab+, an in-house laboratory of the CFR Fe, a consortium which carries out an intense activity relating to the relationship between research and technology transfer of which he is the scientific director.