Access to the humanities

English for students of language arts, history, philosophy and the visual arts

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Data di pubblicazione: Marzo 2019
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Access to the Humanities provides essential practice for university students of Literature, History, Philosophy and Cultural Heritage with a special focus on the Visual Arts.
The textbook contains graduated activities for students of B1 to C1 CEFR levels. The activities are designed for use with authentic reading texts highlighting relevant key topics in British culture.
Seven modules are organised into four sections covering a different area of British literature, history, philosophy and art spanning from the early Middle Ages to the present.
Each module includes stimulating texts to ensure that students are challenged to investigate the use of language in academic communication and develop the reading skills and approaches that will be vital throughout their academic studies.
With its engaging features including a writing folder, useful grammar
revision to help students build on their language skills as they progress throughout the course as well as glossaries, Access to the Humanities is a stimulating resource for students of Lettere e Filosofia and Lingue straniere alike.

1. The Ancient World
2. The Middle Ages
3. The Renaissance
4. The Restoration
5. The Enlightenment
6. The Modern Age
7. The Twentieth Century
Writing folder
Grammar focus
Glossary of literary terms
Glossary of Art History terms
Further reading